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Ataneres Ensemble is a dynamic, independent string orchestra with roots in Leuven, that aims to bring classical music closer to the general public. The ensemble is conceived as a horizontal musical collective, without conductor, and where every musician has a say on the final artistic product. Besides the established repertoire, we focus on original combinations across different music and artistic genres.

Since its foundation in 2017, our ensemble has gained fame with numerous crossover projects. These include both classical and contemporary repertoires, which are often minimalist and avant-garde, such as combinations with film or word art. We put an explicit focus on Belgian contemporary music. Within this genre, a whole series of recordings have already been released with highly praised reviews and have received attention from national broadcasters and international streaming platforms. The ensemble was awarded the Fuga Trophy in 2019 for all their work on Belgian music.

Ataneres consists of a core of prize-winning and leading chamber musicians and is supplemented by musicians from the large symphony orchestras in Belgium. We collaborate with renowned soloists, conductors and artists from home and abroad. Concertmasters of the ensemble are Nicolas Dupont and Hugh Desmond who work closely with artistic director Wim Spaepen.

The string orchestra is a welcome guest at the established cultural centers in Flanders and the Netherlands. Consequently, Ataneres has already performed in numerous prestigious Belgian venues (such as Flagey, Concertgebouw Brugge, Bijloke and Queen Elizabeth Hall) and at many renowned festivals (including Klarafestival – Waldenfestival, Belgian Music Days and Festival Zeeuwsch-Vlaanderen).

Ataneres not only strives to be a creative forerunner in artistic projects, but we also aim to be innovative in cultural entrepreneurship. We actively pursue collaborations with major international players such as Siemens, we have our own support network with the "Friends of Ataneres" and we also engage in alternative forms of funding.

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