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Ataneres is a vibrant, independent, and autonomous string orchestra dedicated to bridging classical music with broader audiences. As a horizontal musical collective, devoid of a traditional conductor, Ataneres empowers each musician to play a pivotal role in shaping a unique artistic vision. Grounded in this principle, Ataneres brings together a cadre of promising young soloists and chamber musicians, representing a diverse blend of Belgian and international backgrounds. Complementing this core, the ensemble is enriched by seasoned talent sourced from Belgium's esteemed symphonic orchestras.

In addition to embracing the traditional repertoire, the ensemble ventures into uncharted territory, skillfully intertwining various musical and artistic genres. Since its inception in 2017, Ataneres has cultivated a distinguished presence through a myriad of crossover ventures spanning from the minimalist to the avant-garde. Furthermore, Ataneres passionately advocates for the development of Belgian contemporary music, a commitment recognized with the esteemed Fuga Trophy in 2019.

Based in Leuven, the ensemble garners acclaim as a cherished guest at esteemed cultural institutions throughout Flanders and the Netherlands. Ataneres has graced the stages of illustrious Belgian venues such as Flagey, Concertgebouw Brugge, Bijloke, and Queen Elizabeth Hall. Additionally, they have participated in renowned festivals including Klarafestival – Waldenfestival, Belgian Music Days, and Festival Zeeuwsch-Vlaanderen. On these prestigious stages, Ataneres often collaborates with renowned soloists, conductors, and artists from home and abroad.

Beyond artistic innovation, Ataneres demonstrates a commitment to cultural entrepreneurship by forging alliances with corporate and private partners. Supported by the dedicated network of "Friends of Ataneres," the ensemble pioneers alternative modes of funding, embodying a multifaceted vision that transcends mere creativity to embrace the ethos of cultural advancement.

Ataneres stands as the pinnacle endeavor within Serenata Productions, an esteemed production house dedicated to nurturing artistic ventures beyond the realms of string ensemble performances alone. Among its diverse initiatives, one of the most distinguished is the establishment of the Flanders Festival Orchestra, an inception of La Volta Stage Productions, where our core musicians take the symphonic stage alongside occasional wind and brass sections, under the baton of the esteemed maestro, Dirk Brossé.

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